Hungary Revealed

E an image of a shadowy figure pocketing a wallet near famous Budapest landmarks, with a deceptive mask in hand, and scattered playing cards at his feet

Scams in Budapest

Zoltán PukliNov 13, 2023

Budapest, Hungary’s captivating capital, is not immune to the artifice of scams that prey on unwary tourists. From the ubiquitous pickpocket to the deceitful taxi driver, visitors seeking the freedom to explore must stay informed to protect themselves from such…

An image capturing the essence of Hungarian history: bustling market squares adorned with traditional folk costumes, a river flowing through medieval castles, and iconic figures like King Saint Stephen and Queen Elizabeth of Hungary

Hungarian History Unveiled: Migration, Culture, and Notable Figures

Zoltán PukliSep 26, 2023

As I delve into the captivating tapestry of Hungarian history, I’m fascinated by the incredible journey of the Hungarian people. Their origins can be traced back to the Ural Mountains, but it was their courageous migration westward in the 9th…

Mind Your Manners in Hungary 5 Budapest No-Nos

Mind Your Manners in Hungary: 5 Budapest No-Nos

Zoltán PukliSep 21, 2023

I’m your unofficial guide to sidestepping the cultural landmines in Hungary. Whether navigating the lively streets of Budapest or exploring the peaceful countryside, I’ll help you avoid faux pas that could make you stick out like a sore thumb. So,…