An image showcasing the tranquil atmosphere of Budapest's iconic thermal baths

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unicum house

Discover the Essence of Unicum at the Unicum House in Budapest

Embark on a captivating journey into the heart of Hungarian heritage with a visit to the Unicum House,…

Feb 13, 20248 min read
Noszvaj's Farewell to Winter Festival

Noszvaj’s Farewell to Winter Festival 2024: A Celebration of Spring’s Arrival

Date: February 24, 2024 In Noszvaj, the annual “Farewell to Winter” festival invites the community and visitors to…

Feb 13, 20242 min read

Egerszalók Wine and Pork Festival (Boros-Toros): A Traditional Feast

Egerszalók invites you to step into a world of traditional flavors and warm hospitality at the Wine and…

Feb 13, 20242 min read

Pork Feast Weekend in Fertőrákos 2024: A Culinary Celebration

Event Dates: February 23-25, 2024 Embark on a gastronomic journey at the third annual Pork Feast Weekend in…

Feb 13, 20244 min read
hobby horse competition

Discover the Thrill of Hobby Horse Competitions in Hungary 2024

Hungary is set to host some of the most exhilarating Hobby Horse competitions in 2024, organized jointly by…

Feb 13, 20242 min read
travel exhibition

46th Travel Exhibition 2024: A World of Discovery Awaits

The 46th edition of the Travel Exhibition, Hungary’s premier tourism event, is set to unfold from February 22-25,…

Feb 12, 20244 min read
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