Fonyód Winter Farewell 2024 (Fonyódi télbúcsúztató 2024)


Visitors are invited to Fonyód on March 2, 2024, for the annual Fonyód Winter Farewell (Fonyódi télbúcsúztató), a celebration marking the end of winter with vibrant festivities. The event kicks off at 2 PM, featuring a lively procession with the Fire Brigade Band (Tűzoltózenekar), traditional scarecrows (kiszebábok), and busós, heading towards Vigadó Square (Vigadó tér).

Fonyód, Hungary (Fonyód, Magyarország) March 2, 2024 (2024. március 2.)

Starting Point: The parade sets off in front of the Cultural Center (Művelődési Központ elől).

Table of Contents

Program Highlights

  • Performances by the Fonyód Brigands Folk Dance Group (Fonyódi Betyárok Néptáncegyüttes).
  • Appearances by the Mohács Busós – Gruppa Sljokive busó group (Mohácsi busók – Gruppa Sljokive busócsoport), showcasing their unique costumes and traditions.
  • A winter swim in Lake Balaton by György Schirilla (Schirilla György fonyódi úszása a téli Balatonban), demonstrating the courage and spirit of Fonyód.
  • Musical entertainment provided by Egerszegi Acoustic (Egerszegi Akusztik).
  • A musical folk dance party (Zenés táncházas mulatság), ensuring a fun and engaging experience for everyone.


The procession’s arrival point is Vigadó Square (Vigadó tér), located at the heart of the city and easily accessible. Drivers can find parking in the vicinity for a fee, while those using public transport can reach the event with just a 3-minute walk from both the local train station and the nearest bus stop.

This cherished annual event is an excellent opportunity for both locals and tourists to experience Hungarian traditions, enjoy live music, and participate in a communal celebration that bids farewell to winter. With its engaging program and the warm hospitality of Fonyód, the Fonyód Winter Farewell (Fonyódi télbúcsúztató) is a must-visit event showcasing the cultural heritage of Hungary.

Don’t miss this chance to immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere, traditional dances, and the courageous winter swim that make this event a highlight of the season in Fonyód. Join us for an unforgettable end to winter!

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