Hussar Day at the Skanzen (Huszáros Nap a Skanzenben) – March 15


On our national holiday, March 15th, the Skanzen will be populated by hussars, offering an engaging and educational experience for visitors of all ages. Young hussars can learn about the youths of March 15th, test their knowledge at the “training school,” and even enlist during the musical recruitment dance. Meanwhile, the adult hussars, adorned in period uniforms, will showcase the skills of the former cavalrymen through parade demonstrations and skill games.

Planned Activities

VI. Great Plains Town (Alföldi Mezőváros)

  • Horse Parade and Hussar Camp with the Heritage Equestrian Association – In front of the Skanzen Vigadó on the grassy area (VI-2). Dress demonstrations, weapons, and training routines at 10:00, 11:30, and 15:00.

Game Locations

  • Hussar Knowledge Test – By the Hajdúbagos Residence (VI-4)
  • Hussar Raid – Near the Nagykőrös Blue Dyer’s Workshop (VI-6)

Thematic Wine Tasting with Gergő Fejérvári – At the Kisújszállás Railway Guardhouse (VI-39)

  • 11:00 – Wine Revolution
  • 14:00 – Red, White, Green – Wine Tricolor

Participation fee: 1500 Ft – Register at the Railway Guardhouse

VII. South Transdanubia

  • Hair Braiding – Hidasi Residence (VII-2)
  • Beaded Brooch Making – Őcsény Residence (VII-11)

IX. West Transdanubia

  • Hussar Rest Stop – Vöckönd Residence (IX-2)
  • Petőfi Poem Object Search – Kondorfa Residence (IX-5)
  • Revolutionary Food Tasting – Fake Goulash Soup – Baglad Residence (IX-6)
  • Wooden Sword Making – Wood House (IX-16)

X. Little Plains (Kisalföld)

  • Crafts Workshop: Bracelet Making with National Colors – Jánossomorja Residence (X-5)
  • Cockade Making from Felt – Süttör Residence (X-8)
  • Flag and Spinner Making – Süttör Residence (X-8)

Favorites of the Revolutionaries

  • Tasting of Crackling Scones – Ásványráró Residence (X-13)
  • Playful Recruitment with an Officer and Learning Military Songs – Ásványráró Residence (X-13)

Game Location

  • Skill Test – Horvátzsidány Barn (X-15)
  • Hussar Test – Táp Residence (X-16)

Blacksmithing Demonstration – Szilsárkány Blacksmith Workshop (X-17)

XI. Transylvania Crafts Workshop

  • Making Ribbons – Korzó Café Workshop (XI-6)
  • Hussar Shako Making – Korzó Café Workshop (XI-6)
  • Tasting of Komisz Bread – Balavásár Courtyard (XI-18)

Wreath-Laying Ceremony at 13:00 – The 1848/1849 Transylvanian Soldier Monument (XI-2)

Camp Life – Tools and Equipment Display – 32nd Infantry Company Heritage Association – The border of Transylvania city and village

Film Screening – “János Vitéz” presentation – Kiskedei Cultural House (XI-17)

Thematic Tour – Gábor Áron, the Cannon Founder from Kézdivásárhely – Meeting point: Monument (XI-2) at 11:00 and 14:00


Dining Options

  • Resti (Entrance Building)
  • Jászárokszállási Inn (VI-1)
  • Bakery (VI-8)
  • Grocery Store (X-15)
  • Korzó Café (XI-6)
  • Merchandise Shop – Entrance Building

Celebrate the national holiday with us at the Skanzen, where history comes to life through the stories and skills of the hussars, alongside culinary delights and crafts that promise a day of educational fun for the whole family.

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