Noszvaj’s Farewell to Winter Festival 2024: A Celebration of Spring’s Arrival

Noszvaj's Farewell to Winter Festival

Date: February 24, 2024

In Noszvaj, the annual “Farewell to Winter” festival invites the community and visitors to partake in a spirited tradition aimed at hastening the arrival of spring. This event, marked by a colorful masked parade and the burning of the “Kisze Báb” is a local favorite for driving away the winter chill and welcoming warmer days.

Festival Activities

Craft Your Mask:
Before the parade, participants are encouraged to attend a mask-making workshop in the school atrium. Starting at 3:30 PM, this creative gathering allows individuals to prepare their own masks for the parade, adding a personal touch to the festivities.

The Parade:
At 5:00 PM, the parade begins at the schoolyard, moving towards the Wine Square in Imany-side with drummers leading the march. The highlight of the parade is the burning of Kisze at the square, a symbolic act to bury the winter and chant for health and prosperity.

Warm Up at the Wine Square:
Upon reaching the square, attendees can enjoy mulled wine, hot tea, and doughnuts. In the interest of environmental friendliness and safety, bringing your own mug with a lid is recommended.

Mask Making Details:
Creating a mask is simple, yet dedicating time to it enhances the experience. Attendees planning to march with a mask, which is strongly encouraged for an immersive experience, should aim to be at the workshop from the start. This is particularly important for those needing to craft multiple masks.

Practical Tips:

  • The parade route is 1 km long, approximately a half-hour walk, suitable for families with children.
  • Given the potential muddy terrain, sturdy attire and footwear are advised.
  • Mask making is complimentary. Hot beverages and doughnuts will be available for purchase with cash.

Noszvaj warmly invites everyone to join in the “Farewell to Winter” festival, a communal effort to welcome the spring season.

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Embrace the end of winter and the promise of spring at Noszvaj’s beloved festival, a testament to the town’s vibrant community spirit and the joyous anticipation of seasonal change.

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