An image showcasing the vibrant colors of Hungarian cuisine: a steaming bowl of rich red pörkölt, a creamy orange paprikás, and a hearty pot of traditional gulyás, surrounded by fresh parsley and fiery red paprika

Growing up in Hungary, I’ve had the…

An image featuring a rustic wooden table adorned with an array of traditional Hungarian dishes: steaming goulash in a clay pot, flaky pastries filled with sweet apricot jam, and golden strudels sprinkled with powdered sugar

As a food lover and avid traveler,…

An image showcasing a vibrant Hungarian market, brimming with colorful stalls offering mouthwatering delicacies like langos topped with delectable sour cream, goulash simmering in traditional cauldrons, and chimney cakes dusted with powdered sugar

Did you know that Hungary has one…


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Kecskeméti Spring Festival

Kecskeméti Spring Festival 2024 (Kecskeméti Tavaszi Fesztivál…

ByZoltán PukliMar 6, 2024

Celebrating Art and Culture in the Heart of Hungary From March 14th to April 14th, 2024, the Kecskeméti Spring Festival returns with a rich history of delivering outstanding cultural events since 1986. As nature reawakens, so does Kecskemét, blooming with an array of artistic and cultural showcases. This comprehensive festival introduces local artistic talents and brings prestigious programs to the audience, including concerts, performances, craft fairs, outdoor spectacles, and exhibitions.…


budapest pinball museum
Labyrinth of Buda Castle
Gödöllő Royal Palace
Robert Capa
Ate Béla Bartók's former home with classic Hungarian architectural elements, a grand piano, musical notes floating in the air, and visitors enjoying an intimate concert in a serene, historical setting
Téltemető-Tavaszköszöntő Maskarás Mulatság 2024 Balatonalmádi
Pátyi Pincehegyi Tavaszi Nyitogató