Páty Vineyard Spring Opening (Pátyi Pincehegyi Tavaszi Nyitogató): A Prelude to Wine and Delights

Pátyi Pincehegyi Tavaszi Nyitogató

When and Where?
The picturesque Páty Vineyard Hill (Pátyi Pincehegy) is set to host its Spring Opening on March 9, 2024. The festivities kick off at 13:00, promising an afternoon and evening filled with the best of local wines and culinary delights.

A Day of Relaxation and Tasting
If you’re seeking a day to unwind, engage in conversations, savor exquisite wines, enjoy quality coffee, and sample superb foods, Páty Vineyard Hill is your destination. Guaranteed to be an atmosphere brimming with good vibes, it’s an event not to be missed.

Participating Cellars and Offerings:

  • Borostyán Cellar and Café (Borostyán Pince és Kávézó): Coffee, tea, pastries, and wine.
  • Kemenes Cellar (Kemenes Pince): Wine tasting.
  • Csík Cellar (Csík Pince): Cukorborsó pizzas and wine tasting.
  • Székely Cellar (Székely Pince): Wine tasting.
  • GáBORok Háza: Wine tasting.
  • Nyitrai 1 Cellar (Nyitrai 1. Pince): Wine tasting.
  • Cellar No. 4 (4-es Pince): Wine tasting.
  • Pincekulcs: Warm meals, cakes, and wine tasting.
  • LaBor Cellar (LaBor Pince): Wine tasting and country-style dining.
  • Amina Inn and Wine House (Amina Csárda és Borház): Warm meals and wine tasting.
  • C’est la vie Café: Pastries, coffee, tea, and bakery products.
  • Vinello Cellar (Vinello Pince): Wine tasting.

This event is the perfect opportunity for wine enthusiasts and foodies alike to explore and enjoy the unique offerings of Páty Vineyard Hill. Make sure to mark your calendars for an unforgettable experience in the heart of Hungary’s wine country.

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