Springtime Splendors at East Lake Balaton: A Tapestry of Tradition and Celebration


As the frost of winter begins to thaw, the eastern shores of Lake Balaton awaken with a vibrant selection of cultural events that promise to enrich your spring. From celebrating traditional Hungarian crafts to commemorating historical milestones, each town in the region offers unique experiences that capture the spirit of community and heritage. Join us as we highlight the must-attend events for March 2024, ensuring your visit to East Lake Balaton is filled with memorable moments.


  • Memorial Day for the Victims of Communist Dictatorships (A kommunista diktatúrák áldozatainak emléknapja) – March 24, 2024: A poignant day dedicated to remembering those who suffered under communist rule.
  • Farewell to Winter (Télűzés) – March 2, 2024: Welcome spring with a lively parade, traditional folk music, and the burning of the winter effigy on the shore.


  • Spring Welcoming Festivity (Tavaszköszöntő vigasság) – March 1, 2024: A family-friendly event with interactive shows, crafts workshops, and face painting for the little ones.
  • City Women’s Day (Városi Nőnap) – March 8, 2024: An evening of entertainment and recognition, featuring a performance by Kati Omász.
  • Remember Together, Balatonfűzfő! (Emlékezzünk együtt, Balatonfűzfő!)March 15, 2024: Honor the heroes of the 1848-49 revolution and freedom fight with a communal remembrance.
  • Easter Preparations (Húsvétoló) – March 30, 2024: Get ready for Easter with traditional egg decorating and an adventure tour that promises fun for the whole family.


  • Shrovetide “Batyus” Ball (Farsangi batyus bál) – March 24, 2024: A charity ball that combines fun, dance, and the spirit of giving in a festive atmosphere.
  • Women’s Week (Nők hete) – March 4-8, 2024: Celebrate the achievements and spirit of women with a series of diverse events throughout the week.
  • National Holiday (Nemzeti ünnep) – March 14, 2024: Pay tribute to the nation’s history with wreath-laying ceremonies and patriotic commemorations.


  • Women’s Day (Nőnap) – March 8, 2024: A day to honor the remarkable women in our lives, celebrated with community warmth and recognition.


  • Family Spring Tour (Családi tavaszi túra) – March 9, 2024: Embrace the great outdoors with a family-friendly adventure that explores the natural beauty of Felsőörs.
  • Women’s Day Ball (Nőnapi bál) – March 9, 2024: A festive evening dedicated to celebrating the achievements and spirit of women.
  • National Holiday (Nemzeti ünnep) – March 15, 2024: Commemorate the heroes of the 1848-49 revolution and freedom fight with patriotic fervor.
  • Colorful Evenings (Színes estek) – March 21, 2024: Enjoy a night of diverse cultural performances that showcase local talent.
  • Reminiscing Conversations (Múltidéző beszélgetések) – March 23, 2024: Delve into the rich history and stories of the region with engaging talks.
  • Easter Egg Hunt (Húsvéti tojáskeresés) – March 31, 2024: A fun-filled event for families, celebrating Easter traditions with an exciting egg hunt.


  • Women’s Day Ball (Nőnapi bál) – March 9, 2024: A glamorous evening at the Cultural House, paying tribute to the incredible women of Balatonvilágos.
  • National Holiday (Nemzeti ünnep) – March 14, 2024: Honor the nation’s history with solemn ceremonies and cultural activities at the Cultural House.

This spring, let the eastern shores of Lake Balaton be your destination for a cultural journey. Whether you’re drawn to the celebration of seasonal changes, the solemnity of historical commemorations, or the joy of traditional festivities, East Lake Balaton offers a warm welcome and a tapestry of unforgettable experiences.

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