Váci Spring Festival 2024: A Cultural Bloom (Váci Tavaszi Fesztivál 2024)Váci Tavaszi Fesztivál 2024

Váci Tavaszi Fesztivál

Experience Culture and Tradition

From March 9 to May 8, 2024, Vác comes alive with the Váci Spring Festival, an event that has become a cornerstone of the city’s cultural life over the past twenty years. Hosted at the Imre Madách Cultural Center (Madách Imre Művelődési Központ), this festival is a celebration of classical tradition and contemporary artistry, featuring performances that are national highlights.

A Showcase of Artistic Diversity

The festival’s program spans a wide array of arts, from classical and pop music concerts to visual arts events, theatrical performances, and shows for both entertainment and children. Local artists and performers will once again play a significant role in this year’s lineup, ensuring a vibrant and enriching experience for all attendees.

Váci Spring Festival 2024 Event Highlights and Ticket Prices (Váci Tavaszi Fesztivál 2024 Események és Jegyárak)

March 9 (Március 9)

  • Theater Hall (Színházterem): “Fly Free, Free Bird!” („Szállj fel szabad madár!”) – Gala concert featuring iconic national songs and rock opera hits. Performers include Szilárd Nagy, Miklós Varga, Misa Ragány, Zsazsa Réthy, Kata Simon, and Ági Molnár. Ticket Price: 6900 Ft
  • Jeszenszky Room (Jeszenszky terem): Váci Jazz Mirror – All Comes Back. A jazz and blues night with Tamás Szabó and Zoltán Nemes. Ticket Price: 2500 Ft

March 16 (Március 16)

  • Theater Hall: Szenes 100 – A selection from Szenes Iván’s most beautiful songs. Ticket Price: 6000 Ft

March 17 (Március 17)

  • Theater Hall: Alma Concert – Engaging performances touching the child’s soul. Pre-purchase Ticket Price: 2500 Ft, On the day of the performance: 3000 Ft

March 22 (Március 22)

  • Theater Hall: L’art pour l’art Company – Join the crew of L’art pour l’art’s first flight for a humorous journey. Pre-purchase Ticket Price: 4000 Ft, On the day of the performance: 4500 Ft

March 23 (Március 23)

  • Theater Hall: Gala Concert – Featuring flutist Bernadett Bogányi, bassoonist Bence Bogányi, and the Vác Civitas Symphony Orchestra. Ticket Price: 4000 Ft, On the day of the performance: 4500 Ft

March 24 (Március 24)

  • Theater Hall: Easter Preparations with Bunny Mom (Húsvéti készülődés Nyúlanyóval) – A musical Easter waiting show by Podium Theater. Pre-purchase Ticket Price: 1700 Ft, On the day of the performance: 2000 Ft
  • Egg Decorating Workshop (Bíbelődő – Húsvéti tojás írókázás): Participation Fee: 1000 Ft/person

April 4 (Április 4)

  • Theater Hall: “How to Understand Women to the South?” (Hogyan értsük délre a nőket? II.) – An evening with Sándor Csányi. Ticket Price: Starting from 7900 Ft

April 6 (Április 6)

  • Theater Hall: Bozsik Yvette Company – Hungarian Folk Tales. Pre-purchase Ticket Price: 2700 Ft, On the day of the performance: 3000 Ft

April 11 (Április 11)

  • Theater Hall: “Tell Me, Dad!” (Mondjad, Atikám!) – An Attila József evening. Ticket Price: 4000 Ft, For students: 3000 Ft

April 12 (Április 12)

  • Jeszenszky Room: Hajdu Klára Quartet. Ticket Price: 2500 Ft

April 20, 22 (Április 20., 22.)

  • Theater Hall: “Beyond-Beyond” („Túlon-túl”) musical selection. Ticket Price: 2000 Ft

April 23 (Április 23)

  • Theater Hall: Bódi Brothers (Bódi Tesók) – A blend of brutal honesty, humor, motivation, and inspiration.

April 27 (Április 27)

  • Theater Hall: Paprika and Rose (Paprika és Rózsa) – Dömötör Theater performance. Ticket Price: 3300 Ft
  • Father Feri’s Lecture (Pál Feri atya előadása): Pre-purchase Ticket Price: 3500 Ft, On the day of the performance: 4000 Ft

April 30 (Április 30)

  • Theater Hall: The Boys of Paul Street (A Pál utcai fiúk) – A musical play. Ticket Price for students: 8000 Ft, For adults: 9000 Ft

May 3 (Május 3)

  • Theater Hall: “Baroness Lili” (Lili bárónő) – Operetta in two acts. Ticket Prices: 6500, 5500, 4900 Ft

May 8 (Május 8)

  • Theater Hall: “Positive Spiral” (Pozitív spirál) – Lecture by Dr. Kitti Almási. Ticket Price: 3500 Ft

For the Young and Young at Heart

The festival caters not only to adults but also to children and families, with dedicated programs that include musical storytelling, egg decorating workshops, and musicals based on Hungarian folk tales, ensuring that the festival offers something for every age group.

Celebrate the arrival of spring with the Váci Spring Festival, a two-month-long feast of music, art, and performance that invites locals and visitors alike to partake in the cultural richness of Vác. Whether you’re drawn to the classic or the contemporary, this festival promises a memorable experience that bridges tradition and modern expression.

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