Venture into the Heart of Industrial Majesty: The November 7 Power Plant Tour


Embrace an Adventure Through Time in the Abandoned Industrial Marvel of Inota March 17, 2024 with Tú

Step Back into a World of Industrial Wonders

On March 17, 2024, immerse yourself in the enigmatic world of the once-thriving industrial city crafted during the inaugural five-year plan, now a silent, forsaken giant shielded from everyday sights. This exclusive tour offers a rare glimpse into spaces once alive with industry and now starring in cinematic history, including locations featured in Blade Runner 2049 with Ryan Gosling, Red Sparrow with Jennifer Lawrence, and Lajkó – Gypsy in Space.

Journey Through Cinematic and Historical Landmarks

Their guided exploration takes you through the very halls where cinema and history intertwine. From the boiler house’s imposing structures to the iconic cooling towers and the cultural hubs that once buzzed with life under the Kádár regime, this tour is an invitation to witness the monumental past of Inota’s industrial landscape.

Exclusive Access: Beyond the “No Entry” Sign

Meeting Point: Entrance to the Power Plant (turn left at the roundabout past the bus stop on Power Plant Street)

Path: Weaving through the power plant’s edifices
Walk Length: 4 km
Duration: 3 hours
Difficulty: Moderate
What to Wear: Dress for the weather in sporty, robust shoes that protect your feet and bring along a flashlight
Parking: Complimentary spots available at the Power Plant’s entrance

This unique experience takes you to the off-limits areas, offering insights into the lives that once pulsed through these vast industrial corridors and the luxury that was perceived in the era of state socialism.

Essential Tour Information:

  • Please attend without a bag or only with a small, back-carried backpack.
  • Leave behind any valuables such as jewelry, cash, or expensive watches.
  • Safety helmets will be provided for all attendees at no cost, mandatory to wear throughout the tour.
  • While photography is encouraged, the tour’s packed schedule may not allow for extended photo sessions. For those keen on capturing the site, our specialized photo tour might be of interest.
  • The tour demands a fair level of fitness, as it includes climbing to the boiler house’s top, an eight-story ascent.

Participants join the tour at their own risk, with the organizers not responsible for any potential incidents.

Recommended for participants aged fourteen and above.

Experience the Unseen: March 17, 2024, Inota’s Industrial Legacy Awaits

If your heart beats for the forgotten tales of industrial grandeur and the hidden corners of cinematic fame, don’t miss this unparalleled journey into Inota’s abandoned power plant.

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