Relaxation and Fun at Bábolna Beach and Thermal Bath

Bábolna Beach and Thermal Bath

In the heart of Hungary’s verdant landscape lies the serene Bábolna Beach and Thermal Bath, an establishment that has seamlessly woven the restorative properties of thermal waters with the invigorating joy of a beach setting.

Nestled in the scenic town of Bábolna, within Komárom-Esztergom county and near the Győr-Moson-Sopron county border, lies a hidden gem of relaxation and history – the Bábolnai Termálfürdő. Situated just 99 kilometers from the bustling city of Budapest, this thermal bath offers a unique blend of serenity, history, and nature.

Key Takeaways

  • Bábolnai Termálfürdő is a newly opened thermal bath located in Bábolna, Hungary.
  • The thermal water in Bábolna has therapeutic effects on musculoskeletal and gynecological conditions.
  • The bath offers various facilities including pools, saunas, restaurants, and a Spray Park for children.
  • Bábolna is not only a tourist destination for its thermal bath, but also for its stud farm and arboretum.

Bábolna’s Historical Roots

Delving into the historical roots of Bábolna, the town emerges not only as a modern spa destination but also as a place steeped in a rich agricultural and equine heritage, dating back to its acquisition by the treasury in 1789 and the subsequent establishment of its famed Arabian stud farm. Once under the stewardship of the illustrious Szapáry family, Bábolna’s tapestry is woven with threads of an entrenched agricultural heritage, exemplified by the town’s long-established reputation for high-caliber farming and horse breeding.

The historical significance of Bábolna is further underscored by the thermal water discovery in the early 1980s, a serendipitous find that augmented the town’s allure and sparked the inception of the Bábolnai Termálfürdő. It was this transformative discovery that propelled the local government to actively partake in the development of the town’s thermal bath facilities, seeing the potential to fuse the therapeutic benefits of the hot springs with the liberty of leisure and relaxation.

Bábolna’s journey from its aristocratic origins to a hub of wellness and agriculture reflects a narrative of resilience and reinvention, aligning with the desires of those seeking freedom in both historical appreciation and modern-day rejuvenation.

The Birth of Termálfürdő

Amidst Bábolna’s storied past of aristocracy and equine prestige, the discovery of thermal waters in the 1980s marked a new chapter, giving rise to the esteemed Bábolnai Termálfürdő.

This early discovery ignited visions of wellness and rejuvenation that could harness the region’s hidden hydrothermal wealth. The local government, recognizing the potential for both health and economic vitality, played a pivotal role in the conception and realization of the thermal bath project.

The thermal water utilization strategy was twofold: to provide therapeutic experiences for visitors and to contribute to local energy solutions. After an extensive external investor search, the decision was made to champion the project through municipal resources and direct local involvement. This approach ensured that the development aligned with the community’s aspirations for sustainable tourism growth.

The long-awaited opening in the summer of 2020 was a testament to the enduring spirit of Bábolna—a town that had harnessed the power of its natural resources to offer a sanctuary of relaxation.

The Bábolnai Termálfürdő now stands not only as a modern aquatic haven but also as a symbol of communal triumph and a beacon of freedom in leisure.

Bábolna Beach and Thermal Bath
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Unique Thermal Facilities

Bábolnai Termálfürdő boasts a thermal experience pool, two medicinal sitting pools, and a Spray Park for children, ensuring a delightful experience for all ages. Visitors can also enjoy sauna and steam cabin facilities, a restaurant, and a café. The healing thermal water, with temperatures ranging from 38 to 51 degrees Celsius, is particularly beneficial for musculoskeletal and gynecological conditions.

The relaxation options extend beyond the water’s edge, with wellness treatments that cater to individual needs, offering a holistic approach to health. Guests can bask in the healing ambiance, where each moment is an invitation to unwind and disconnect from the stresses of the outside world.

Family-friendly activities are interwoven throughout the facility, ensuring that guests of all ages find joy and amusement. Children can splash in dedicated areas, while adults delight in the tranquility of thermal indulgence. Bábolnai Termálfürdő’s commitment to providing an environment of freedom and relaxation is palpable, inviting visitors to explore, engage, and embrace the warmth of this thermal paradise.

Visitor Capacity and Amenities

While the therapeutic benefits of Bábolnai Termálfürdő provide visitors with a sense of wellness and relaxation, the facility is equally equipped to host a significant number of guests, offering a range of amenities designed to enhance the overall experience.

The visitor capacity is robust, accommodating up to 341 individuals in winter and around 1111 during the peak season, ensuring that both tranquility seekers and social butterflies can find their space.

The beach and thermal bath are a haven for families, with family-friendly attractions like a Spray Park that delights children while adults unwind in the relaxation areas. These designated zones are crafted with the utmost attention to detail, allowing one to bask in the serenity of the environment.

The sauna world at Bábolnai Termálfürdő is nothing short of a sanctuary for the senses. Visitors can indulge in a Finnish sauna, an aromatic steam cabin, or the gentle warmth of the infrared cabin.

Meanwhile, the in-house restaurant and catering service provide a variety of gastronomic options to replenish energy and satisfy culinary desires. From healthy snacks to hearty meals, the offerings cater to all tastes, ensuring a delightful complement to the day’s activities.

  • Thermal and Medicinal Waters: This spa provides valuable mineral-rich thermal waters with temperatures ranging between 38-51°C. These waters are rich in sodium chloride and hydrogen carbonate.
  • Two Water Sources: The K-52 well supplies thermal water with temperatures of 38-40°C, which is rich in sodium chloride, hydrogen carbonate, and iodide ions, known for their healing effects.
  • Capacity: During the winter, the spa can accommodate up to 350 visitors, while in the summer season, it can host nearly 1000 people.
  • Services: The spa offers thermal and medicinal pools, including a 36-38°C and a 34-36°C medicinal pool, a 30-32°C experience pool, and additional pools available in the summer season.
  • Experience Spray-Park: 100 square meters of an interactive water feature.
  • Sauna World: This includes a Finnish sauna, steam cabin, aroma cabin, and an infrared cabin.
  • Other Services: Facilities include a restaurant, buffet, playhouse, inflatable castle, and a water slide (available during the summer season).

Group and Seasonal Offers

Taking advantage of Bábolna Beach and Thermal Bath’s group and seasonal offers can significantly enhance the experience for visitors seeking value and enjoyment in a group setting or during specific times of the year. Season pass benefits beckon with the promise of unlimited access and ample opportunities to indulge in the thermal waters’ restorative embrace. These passes cater to adults, students, and seniors, ensuring that the rejuvenating experiences are accessible at affordable prices.

Groups can immerse themselves in the serene environment of Bábolna, where laughter and camaraderie resonate against the backdrop of glistening pools. A generous discount awaits parties of twenty or more, with nearby accommodations providing a haven of comfort after a day of aquatic bliss. The ease of public transportation options allows for a stress-free journey, ensuring that freedom and relaxation begin the moment one embarks towards Bábolna.

Throughout the year, special events and programs are meticulously crafted to transform visits into memorable journeys. From thematic celebrations to wellness workshops, these offerings are designed to enrich the spirit and foster a sense of community among bathers. Visitors are invited to embrace the allure of Bábolna Beach and Thermal Bath, where every season unfolds with its unique charm and delight.

Season Pass Prices (in Hungarian Forint):

  • Weekdays:
    • 10+1 Adult Pass: 38,000 HUF
    • 10+1 Student Pass: 30,000 HUF
    • 10+1 Senior Pass: 30,000 HUF
  • Weekends:
    • 10+1 Adult Pass: 40,000 HUF
    • 10+1 Student Pass: 40,000 HUF
    • 10+1 Senior Pass: 40,000 HUF

Practical Visitor Information

Before planning your visit to Bábolna Beach and Thermal Bath, it is essential to gather practical information to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. This oasis of relaxation is not only a sanctuary for adults seeking tranquility but also a paradise for younger guests. Activities for children include a dedicated Spray Park and playful amenities such as an inflatable castle, ensuring that the little ones have as much fun as the grown-ups.

Culinary needs are well catered for with a variety of dining options at the bath. Indulge in the on-site restaurant or grab a quick bite at the buffet, where the menu is designed to suit all palates.

Enrich your visit by participating in special events and programs that Bábolna Beach and Thermal Bath periodically hosts. These occasions add a unique flair to the already vibrant atmosphere.

For an extended stay, explore the array of nearby accommodations. From cozy guesthouses to comfortable apartments, there is a place to rest for every preference and budget.

Opening Hours (Valid from December 1, 2023, until further notice)

  • Monday: 10:00 – 18:00
  • Tuesday: 10:00 – 18:00
  • Wednesday: 10:00 – 22:00
  • Thursday: 10:00 – 18:00
  • Friday: 10:00 – 22:00
  • Saturday: 10:00 – 18:00, and an evening session from 18:30 – 22:00
  • Sunday: 10:00 – 18:00

Lastly, navigating to the bath is hassle-free with public transportation options. The convenience of reaching this destination adds to the sense of freedom you’ll experience upon arrival.

Contact and Accessibility Details

ractical Information for Visitors:

  • Location and Contact: Bábolnai Termálfürdő is located at Deák Ferenc u. 10, Bábolna. Visitors can contact the bath at +36-34-555-610 or via email at
  • Website and Updates: For the latest information, including opening hours, entrance fees, and detailed facilities, visit Bábolnai Termálfürdő’s official website.
  • Getting There: Bábolna is easily accessible by car and public transportation, with ample parking facilities and clear accessibility information.

Beyond the Baths: Bábolna

Exploring beyond the rejuvenating waters of Bábolnai Termálfürdő unveils the multifaceted charm of Bábolna, a town steeped in agricultural tradition and equestrian excellence. The local attractions resonate with the cultural heritage of the region, where visitors can immerse themselves in the storied past of Arabian horse breeding at the esteemed stud farm or wander through the verdant serenity of the arboretum.

Bábolna’s outdoor activities beckon those who seek freedom under the open sky, with tennis courts and forest trails offering invigorating ways to connect with nature. Accommodation options are plentiful, ranging from cozy guesthouses to modern apartments, ensuring a comfortable stay for all preferences and budgets.

Seamless transportation options facilitate access to Bábolna’s treasures, with the town being a leisurely drive from Budapest. Whether arriving by private vehicle or utilizing public transport, the journey to Bábolna is as effortless as it is scenic.

In essence, Bábolna presents a harmonious blend of relaxation, cultural enrichment, and adventurous pursuits, all within the embrace of Hungary’s idyllic countryside.


What is unique about Bábolnai Termálfürdő?

Bábolnai Termálfürdő, located in Bábolna, Hungary, offers a unique blend of thermal waters and beach setting. It provides therapeutic benefits for musculoskeletal and gynecological conditions, and features various facilities including pools, saunas, restaurants, and a Spray Park for children.

Can you tell me about the historical significance of Bábolna?

Bábolna has a rich agricultural and equine heritage dating back to 1789. It’s known for its Arabian stud farm and its thermal water, discovered in the early 1980s, which led to the establishment of the Bábolnai Termálfürdő.

What are the thermal facilities available at Bábolnai Termálfürdő?

The bath boasts a thermal experience pool, two medicinal sitting pools, a Spray Park for children, sauna and steam cabin facilities, and a restaurant and café. The thermal water temperatures range from 38 to 51 degrees Celsius.

What is the visitor capacity and what amenities are offered?

The visitor capacity is 341 individuals in winter and around 1111 during peak season. Amenities include family-friendly attractions, sauna world, and a variety of dining options.

Are there any group and seasonal offers available?

Yes, there are season pass benefits and discounts for groups of twenty or more. The bath also hosts special events and programs throughout the year.

What practical information should visitors know?

The bath offers activities for children, various dining options, and periodically hosts special events. It is open every day with specific timings and is easily accessible by public transportation.

What are the contact and accessibility details for Bábolnai Termálfürdő?

It’s located at Deák Ferenc u. 10, Bábolna. Contact number: +36-34-555-610, Email: For more information, visit the official website.

What other attractions are available in Bábolna?

Visitors can explore the Arabian horse stud farm, the arboretum, tennis courts, and forest trails. There are also various accommodation options available.


In sum, Bábolna Beach and Thermal Bath stands as a quintessential haven where the elixir of wellness springs eternal. This facility not only anchors Hungary’s esteemed spa culture but also embroiders the fabric of Bábolna’s history with threads of rejuvenation and joy.

Visitors leave with a tapestry of memories, woven from the warmth of healing waters and the charm of Hungarian hospitality, ensuring the allure of Bábolna resonates long after the echoes of splashing waters fade.

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